As a family, we decided to develop the best CBDA products on the market. Our purpose is to produce the highest quality CBDA products. With our knowledge and experience, we learned how to develop true and pure CBDA products in this fast-growing industry.

From seed to sale, Northern Growin’ products are made with the highest quality ingredients, grown, and processed entirely in the USA. We are proud of the hemp we use that is grown and processed locally in Michigan. Northern Growin’ monitors and is involved throughout the growing cycle to maintain and ensure the best plants for use in our CBDA products.

Made in Michigan

Our CBDA products are made in small batches and handmade in Michigan. We closely monitor the quality and every step of the process from seed to sale and run internal batch records for quality control.

Organically Farmed

We carefully selected organically grown hemp from a local Michigan farm. The reason we source from a local Michigan farm is that they are a non-spray farm for pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and grown in low-high tunnels and Walipini structures keeping acid rain off of the hemp plants. The plants we choose are harvested by hand, hung to dry, and only include the flower; the most valuable compounds from the plant. We source our other ingredients and packaging from the highest quality suppliers. Each product and shipment is checked to ensure it meets the highest standards.

The Proof is in the Process

We don’t just believe, we know that Northern Growin’s CBDA Products are the best. Why you might ask? Well, that answer is simple, our process. The process of our products comes from the best part of the hemp plant, the flower. No stems or leaves are processed into the making of our CBDA products. Other products on the market often process the entire plant and include the flower, stems, and leaves, diluting the purity of the final product.

Our Products are Lab-Tested

Our CBDA products are third-party tested and verified to meet the highest quality standards for consistency, potency, and safety. We take pride in our products from seed to sale with great attention to detail and quality. We want to provide the highest-quality products for our customers and ourselves.

In summary, we start by choosing the highest quality organically farmed hemp possible. We feel this can only be achieved by locally sourcing the hemp and seeing it for ourselves. Our products are simple, handmade from organically grown hemp, and contain the purest ingredients possible. We believe in our purpose to produce the highest quality CBDA products. 

When purchasing Northern Growin’s CBDA products, you are supporting small businesses like us. From everyone at Northern Growin’, we say Thank You!

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